The 11ers Glaze

Transform your photos into unique works of art.
The paint processing in Glaze is nothing short of incredible.
-- Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac
...[Glaze] is one of the hottest apps to launch this month ... it's elegance, quality and speed of photo transformation that it really captures the attention...
-- Victor H.,
...creates the best painterly effects that I have seen from any app currently available for the iPad or iPhone...
-- Glyn Evans, iPhoneography
The great thing Glaze is that you can mix multiple effects - even more powerful way to achieve variety.
-- Fabian, App Gefahren

(for all iPads, iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPhone5 and iPod Touch 3rd gen)

Glaze creates a unique work of art from your photo using carefully chosen brush strokes, layering multiple styles together. An infinite range of styles are possible — acrylic, gouache, pastel, thick or thin, fine or coarse.

Blend styles to create your own unique look by combining your personal favorites with popular styles shared by other Glaze artists.

✓ Create beautiful paintings without the mess.
✓ Impress your friends with unique holiday cards.
✓ Create unique avatars and profile pictures.
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NOW AVAILABLE in Glaze v1.4:

  • Full-resolution output! Support for up to 21 MPix images.
  • 30 new styles! 6 free styles and 24 more with in-app-purchase.
  • Send a postcard with a glazed image anywhere in the world.
  • Share images to other photo apps with Photo App Link.
  • Improved quality with better color shading and anti-aliasing.
  • Metadata from original images saved to glazed output.

The latest version of Glaze now supports full-resolution output, allowing you to create images suitable for poster-sized, museum-quality printing. The breathtaking new styles provide amazing new looks that use our improved shading engine to provide vivid colors with no loss of brightness after glazing. Metadata support completes this new set of features designed to make Glaze perfect for professional-quality work, allowing you to glaze your images as part of a larger processing pipeline with no loss of quality or data.

40-second Glaze HD trailer, showing the basic Studio mode:

Email me when fun stuff happens!

Glaze's Intelligent Brush Stroke technology was presented in the SIGGRAPH 2012 Image Playground talk session on August 9th 2012.

Images courtesy and Copyright 2012 by Adam Chin & Gilles Dezeustre

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